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Watch Hoosier Environmental Council talk about climate action in Indiana
Published on: 5/22/2021
Can Indiana really make a dent on climate action through public policy? Hear an energetic talk by Hoosier Environmental Council E.D. Jesse Kharbanda & then take action!
The next President & Congress must enact democracy reform
Published on: 11/2/2020
The American people are tired of a government that serves only the wealthy and corporate interests. We demand a democracy that works for all of us.

LWV of the South Bend Area

2021 Friendraiser! October 27 at 7pm
Published on: 10/14/2021
Zoom link:

Please join the League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area at our virtual Friendraiser! We will present the 2021 Making Democracy Work Award to Karen White, who will join Elizabeth Bennion for a conversation on a range of topics, including diversity, leadership, education, and politics. The entire community is welcome at this free event, where we’ll share news about the League’s work and treat you to a performance by Jessica O’Brien and music by Kevin Scott Joiner and Abby Joiner of The Ember Jar. Guests will also have the option of visiting in small virtual groups following the program.
Lunch with the League: Women and the Constitution with Patricia Hackett
Published on: 10/7/2021
Join us on Zoom on Friday, Oct 8 at 12:00 PM

This Friday's Lunch with the League will feature Patricia Hackett, President of the law firm Hackett & Associates, P.C. She will speak with us regarding current 21st Century efforts through the law to silence women and, thus, destroy our Constitutional Republic and the more perfect union to which we aspire.
Watch Recording of Lunch with the League: Affordable Housing Homelessness, & Budget Priorities
Published on: 10/6/2021
The recording is now available on YouTube:
Lunch with the League: Affordable Housing, Homelessness, & Budget Priorities in St. Joseph County
Published on: 9/27/2021
Join us on Zoom, October 1 at 12pm!

We are rapidly nearing the FY 2022 Budget deadline for local governments. Decisions will soon be finalized for planning on affordable housing and care for the homeless. The window for citizen input will soon close!
The Advocacy Committee on Equitable Housing League of Women Voters of the South Bend Area has invited a panel of city and county speakers for an extended “Lunch with the League” event via Zoom. The discussion open to LWV members and the general public with time for questions and answers after brief comments from local government officials.
Speakers will will provide a summary overview of expenditures, programs, special projects funding sources directed to homelessness and affordable housing for the fiscal years 2021 and 2022, plus projections for 2023, if known.
Lunch with the League: What’s Next at the St. Joe County Public Library, w. Deb Futa
Published on: 8/30/2021
Join us on Zoom, September 10 at 12pm!

Debra Futa, Executive Director of St. Joseph County Public Library, will talk about the Main Library project. Although the finished spaces will be truly beautiful, the library has much more to offer than the building itself. Deb will share her ideas about where SJCPL would like to take their services in the next few years.
Viewpoint: League of Women Voters heartened by local leaders' efforts to help the homeless
Melanie Smith-Guillaume, Jo M. Broden and Marla Godette
Published on: 8/24/2021
Four action items are encouraged:

(1) Learn more about the causes of homelessness and the solutions or best practices that have worked elsewhere and that we might adapt for our local efforts;

(2) Support wholeheartedly local agencies and groups who provide invaluable direct services and expertise;

(3) Track and participate in the budget process that is now underway at all levels of government;

(4) Contact local representatives and urge their support for cooperative endeavors to help our unsheltered neighbors.
Lunch with the League: Healing & Transformation: Restorative Justice in South Bend, w. Dalila Huerta
Published on: 8/4/2021
Join us on Zoom, August 13 at 12pm!

The past year exacerbated and brought to the forefront the pain and oppression that has plagued our communities for ages. In the midst of so much suffering and injustice, how can we build a new world?
This virtual talk invites us to explore the foundational tenets of Restorative Justice and abolitionist work, and will highlight stories of Restorative Justice in action here in South Bend. As a way to build relational accountability, Restorative Justice can provide a path that centers dignity, shared power, and mutual concern for the transformation of harm.
Dalila Huerta is an educator and Restorative Justice consultant living in South Bend.
It's time to make your voice heard--so it will be heard during the next 10 years!
Published on: 8/3/2021
The Indiana Legislative public hearings scheduled for August 6, 7, and 11 are an opportunity to speak out about criteria to be applied to drawing NEW LEGISLATIVE DISTRACT MAPS that will be with us for the next 10 years.

Please identify one of the hearings you can attend. Click the article to see all times and locations.

Then join us on August 4th to prepare for these hearings. The All IN for Democracy coalition will hold a webinar on Wednesday, August 4th at 8 p.m. EDT to discuss what we can expect at these hearings and the kinds of testimony that will be helpful.


Too often in years past, the new maps have been assembled almost entirely behind closed doors, giving the public little opportunity to weigh in. These public meetings are an important step toward transparency. But they will make a difference only if many of us, average citizens, pay attention and participate.
Recording of "Redistricting Changes, with Ranjan Rohatgi & Leigh Morris" (July Lunch w. the League)
Published on: 7/9/2021
Watch the recording of our July Lunch with the League conversation with Ranjan Rohatgi and Leigh Morris on YouTube:
Lunch with the League: Redistricting Changes, with Ranjan Rohatgi and Leigh Morris of ICRC
Published on: 6/28/2021
Join us on Zoom, July 9 at 12pm!

Leigh Morris and Ranjan Rohatgi are our District Two Republican and
Democrat members of the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission Indiana (ICRC). The ICRC advocates for redistricting reform in Indiana. It was formed in December 2010 by Common Cause/Indiana, Downs Center for Politics at IPFW, the League of Women Voters of Indiana, and AARP Indiana. The ICRC is a diverse and multi-partisan group of Indiana voters composed of nine members: three Republicans, three Democrats and three members who are neither Republican nor Democrat. We will learn what has gone on until now, what to anticipate from this commission going forward, and how we can benefit and help!
Recording of "Making South Bend More Livable & Lovable, with Aaron Perri" (June Lunch w. the League)
Published on: 6/11/2021
Check out the recording of our June Lunch with the League conversation with Aaron Perri on YouTube:
June Lunch with the League: Making South Bend More Livable & Lovable, with Aaron Perri
Published on: 5/22/2021
Join us on Zoom, June 11 at 12 noon:

Our guest speaker will be Aaron Perri, Executive Director of South Bend Venues, Parks and Arts.

He will discuss the underlying strategies and models that inform our public placemaking efforts here in South Bend - including examples of recently completed and pending projects. You’ll leave with a bit of information about South Bend programs and facilities, including much of the “why” behind what VPA does.
May Lunch with the League: The Future of Local News, with Alan Achkar
Join us on Zoom, May 14 at 12 noon:

Our guest speaker will be Alan Achkar, executive editor of the South Bend Tribune.

Newspapers and other local media outlets have faced unprecedented challenges in recent years. The South Bend Tribune, other newspapers and other local news outlets have reacted to the Digital Age with a host of changes. How can they carve out a future in the era of mobile phones, social media and changing consumer habits? Can traditional news platforms, such as a printed newspaper, survive? How can impactful journalism still be produced and delivered to you? And what does a digital news future mean to readers?
April Lunch with the League: Indiana Legislative Session 2021 with State Senator David Niezgodski
Published on: 3/29/2021
Join us on Zoom on April 9 at 12pm:

Senator Niezgodski will talk about bills he is involved with that impact the St. Joseph Community.
Lunch with the League: Rightsizing and Academic Transformation, with Dr. Todd Cummings
Published on: 2/23/2021
Join us on Zoom, March 12 at 12 noon:

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Todd Cummings, superintendent of South Bend Community School Corp.

This remote conversation will offer current information about the proposed plans to close Hay and Tarkington Elementary Schools at the end of this academic year and recommendations to create an Innovation Network Zone for two other elementary schools, Muessel Elementary and Marquette Montessori Academy.
2021 Citizen's Guide now available
Published on: 2/22/2021
The LWV's Citizen's Guide to Representative Government for St. Joseph County, 2021-2022, is now available on the LWV website.
Lunch with the League: Dr. Mark Fox on the COVID-19 pandemic
Published on: 1/26/2021
Join us on Zoom ( ). Our guest speaker will be Dr. Mark Fox, deputy health officer for St. Joseph County.

Dr. Fox will give an update on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in St. Joseph County, with attention to disease prevalence, data on testing, and vaccination efforts. The impact of emerging strains of SARS-CoV-2 and mitigation efforts will also be discussed.
Lunch with the League: Barbara Tully, president of Indiana Vote by Mail
Published on: 1/4/2021
Barbara Tully, president of Indiana Vote by Mail, will be our guest for the next Lunch With the League on Friday, Jan. 8 from noon to 1 pm via Zoom. To join, copy and paste this link into your browser:

Barbara will present "Voting in Indiana: Turning All Hoosiers Into Voters." Come learn about how the voting process works in Indiana and ways that Indiana could work to make voting more accessible. This program will highlight best practices for voters and for election administrators to consider as they engage in this most basic right in a democracy - the right to vote. This nonpartisan presentation will leave you informed, engaged and excited about voting!


Redistricting Update--time to act!
Linda Hanson - CoPresident - LWV Indiana
Published on: 12/1/2020
All IN 4 Democracy, our coalition for redistricting reform in Indiana, is calling for applications to the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC). The ICRC will demonstrate how the redistricting process in Indiana should be conducted. It will show that a politically balanced group of citizens working transparently and in cooperation with citizens can devise districts that will serve the public interest, not the interests of politicians.
The ICRC will hold a series of virtual public meetings in January and February of 2021 to take public testimony on what redistricting criteria should guide the map-drawing process....They will also sponsor a map-drawing competition and serve as the judges for that competition.... Reports and maps will be submitted to the IN General Assembly (IGA) and we will lobby for adoption of the maps drawn through a transparent process by a politically balanced group of citizens. More...